Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photos from RT

Kelly and Kinsey
Mr. Romance 2010 at our reader event
More from the reader event
Mr. Romance 2010 and his lovely wife

Meg with the Samhain poster
PG at the ebook expo
Kinsey at the ebook expo
Meg and Juniper at the ebook expo
Skylar and Kinsey at the Samhain Steampunk party

Erin at the ebook expo

Kelly's neck at the Vampire Ball


Sydney Somers said...

Love the pics. You guys look great!

Kinsey Holley said...

The fairy pic of Juniper is beautiful.

The pictures I took kind of sucked. video was okay but I was yapping the whole time and it gets to sound stupid. Next year I'm going to video tape but not tell anybody why - just "shut up and let me tape you!"