Monday, April 4, 2011

Left Behind

This week seven of the Naughty Nine are headed for LA for the annual Romantic Times convention (I think PG is already on the road). As any of the others will tell you, I'm a wee bit bummed that I can't go this year. They're probably relieved they won't have to listen to me pout about it anymore actually. :)

But ever the optimist, I'm determined to see the bright side of things. So while the others rush around cramming stuff in their suitcases, finalizing promo and costume details and going over their schedules for the week, I get to kick back and relax. And to make myself feel better about all the fun I'm going to be missing out on, I've even come up with a list of advantages to missing RT.

1. I'll get a lot more writing done than the other Naughty Nine bound for LA. Sorry Kinsey. ;)

2. I'll get to sleep in my own bed. This also means that I won't have to share bathroom time with anyone who's high maintenance. I am not looking at Kelly.

3. No potential hangovers. Okay, so I won't get to taste the wine PG's bringing or find out if Juniper or Skyler snort if they laugh too hard, but I will get to talk to everyone when they call me. And they'd better call me. I won't be held responsible for the shape of things around here when they get back if they don't. Just sayin'.

4. I won't have to worry about soothing hurt feelings for locking Meg and Erin in their rooms so I can have our editor, Lindsey, all to myself.

And finally...

5. Kate and I are taking over the blog this week and we're ready to party. We'll be posting some contests along with pics and updates from the other naughty nine in LA. I also vote Kate for clean-up detail. ;)

Anyone else have other reasons to make me feel better about missing out?


desere_steenberg said...

You'll get to party with us the readers you just simply love you !!!

Gabriella Hewitt said...

You don't need to put makeup on everyday. That's a plus.


Meg Benjamin said...

Okay, here's one--you don't have to try to figure out what on earth to wear to a Venetian Faerie Ball.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Plus you don't have to fly on a plane. My palms are starting to sweat already just thinking about it.

Milinda said...

Chocolate and wine when you want it and not when it's on the schedule. You won't be sitting next to that man who hasn't bathed in over a week on the plane. That's something to pay good money to miss. Whew!

PG Forte said...

Milinda, obviously you don't know us very well. lol! Chocolate and wine ARE the schedule. ;)

Kate Davies said...

Dang! Show up late and I'm on clean-up duty again. *dusts halfheartedly, shoves empty pizza box under the couch*

Can't wait to party with you, Sydney! And all the readers who are home alone, too. We're going to have a fantastic time!

*peeks over at L.A.* Oh, and hey, feel free to call me this week too, girls. I'm expecting those convos!

flchen1 said...

LOL! I get to party in my jammies ;) Yay, Sydney!